Intercept pending transactions with Rust

In this article we will see how to intercept pending transactions with rust.Read More →

Develop an Ethereum bridge with Rust

Develop a bridge between two EVM-compatible blockchains with Rust.Read More →

Develop an Ethereum oracle with Rust

A blockchain oracle is a service that allows smart contracts to interact with external data sources. In this post, we will develop a simple oracle that will track every time a Ethereum Name Service NFT is transferred. We will use Rust and the web3 crate to interact with the Ethereum blockchain.Read More →

Develop a Soulbound NFT using Foundry and Slither

Today we will develop a Soulbound NFT, an NFT that can be only minted and not traded or transferred, it is bounded to the first owner. We'll do it using foundry with hardhat integrated. The Github workflow will test (foundry solidity and hardhat typescript) the contracts and uses Slither to statically analyze the code, trying to find the most common vulnerabilities.Read More →

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